The Public Directory #

Deployd serves static files from your app's /public directory. This directory is created when you run dpd create. These files will be served with the appropriate cache headers (Last-Modified and Etag) so browsers will cache them.

If available, Deployd will serve index.html as the default file in a folder.

Environments #

When Deployd is run with the environment setting (see the documentation on the cli), it will attempt to serve files from the /public-[environment] directory instead. For example, if Deployd is run with dpd -e production, it will serve files from the /public-production directory.

This is useful for optimizing your app in production. You can serve a slightly different version of your front-end with minified JavaScript and CSS. You can also use it to serve compiled versions of pre-processed languages such as LESS, SASS, and CoffeeScript.

If the environment-specific public directory does not exist, it will serve from the standard /public directory.